Friday, June 15, 2012

My New Storytelling Unit: Deconstructing Peter Pan

I have been very open about my nervousness about teaching writing. I am not an expert at writing and I am well aware that my ability to teach it is extremely limited. That is why I am spending time this summer trying to get a handle on it.

My plan is to incorporate the Writing Workshop method into the classroom. I love the idea of students writing about what they want how they want. I also want my students to think more about the value of storytelling in their lives. I decided I would create a storytelling unit that was writing intensive as well.

I was inspired by the Skrillex video Bangarang and decided to use this as the starting point for a unit on Peter Pan and how over the past century his story has been re-interpreted. The first thing I did was read about him on Wikipedia. Then I chose specific items I wanted my students to examine including the original story, an early silent movie, and several movies created lately. Then I created the time line (since I often need a visual representation.)

Next I needed to choose a tool to hold my information. I chose Google Sites. I could have just as easily gone with a wiki, but I haven't used Sites before and thought I should give it a try. So far I have been pleasantly surprised.

I created pages for each thing the students will deconstruct. I also added pages with the Common Core Standards and NETs so that I can keep track of them. My next goal is to identify possible activities for my students to complete as we go through the unit.

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